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More Than a Month In

I read about it a lot in the past, but always felt I lacked the willpower or desire to actually do it.
The desire to feel like a "normal" person kind of weighed on me heavily, and I thought of myself instead of them, the animals.
After 8 or so years of being a vegetarian and 3 years of being a pescatarian, I am happy to announce my switch to veganism.
Wait, happy may not be the right sentiment.
Reluctant, maybe.
Most people don't understand, can't even begin to,
but it isn't really important what people think about me...it's all about what I think about me.
And I think I'm living the way I've always wanted to live, and that makes me happier than anyone could imagine!

Transitioning has been a fun process. My first thought was to get back into Macrobiotics (had a short experiment with it about 6 or 7 years ago),
but the daily miso soup was never gonna happen and giving up nightshades didn't make too much sense to me. I still like to include umeboshi in some meals, and my version of kimpira kicks ass! Still garnishing each meal with gomaiso and still a big fan of sesame oil, for sure.

The first thought was no oil as to maximize weight loss (though this was never the main goal behind the diet switch) and much of my research was geared in such a way. Water sautéing, baking instead of frying, and no oil at all. For one thing, I ended up eating so much but never really feeling satiated. Like when you eat a salad and are hungry one hour later. I was eating lots of brown rice and veggies so it felt good to eat a lot and not have to limit my portions. That never ever works for me.

Through lots of research and videos on YouTube, I am at the moment using coconut oil for all cooking and even taking a tablespoon of it as a supplement. After a month of little to no oil, I noticed my skin feeling a little dry and tight. NOT the kind of things you should feel in the heart of summer in Hawaii. So oils are back in. Yay!

I am now a groupie of Eco Vegan Gal, The Vegan Zombie, Save the Kales, Jason Wrobel & The Edgy Veg. There is so much out there to learn and see.
This is proving to be quite the journey!